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Surgical Services
Cairns Veterinary Clinic has an extensive range of surgical facilities allowing us to treat a range of problems in-house without the need for referral. We use modern equipment, anaesthetics and pain management to ensure that your pet’s procedure is as safe and comfortable as possible. We offer orthopaedic, soft tissue, desexing, ophthalmic, and emergency surgical services, amongst others.

At Cairns Veterinary Clinic we offer the best and safest options available to minimise any risk whilst your pet is under anaesthetic. Your pet’s age, breed, health and anaesthetic history will determine what choice of anaesthetic we select.

All pets are monitored carefully whilst under anaesthetic and during recovery. Our experienced veterinary nurses monitor your pet closely and combined with our extensive anaesthetic monitoring equipment this ensures that your pet experiences the best anaesthetic possible.

I/V Fluid Therapy
As a standard, all animals undergoing general anaesthesia will be placed on intravenous fluids for the duration of their procedure. Anaesthetics reduce circulation to vital organs which can result in permanent damage. Administering Intravenous fluids during anaesthesia helps to maintain blood pressure and supports the blood flow to vital organs. Administering Intravenous fluids also makes the procedure safer and speeds up recovery from anaesthesia. Having a catheter in place also ensures that in the event of an emergency, our veterinarians have immediate access to your pet’s bloodstream ensuring emergency medications can be given rapidly.
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