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Every year the RSPCA and other animal organisations are overwhelmed with thousands of lost pets. Reuniting these pets with their owners can be difficult as many cannot be identified.

A Microchip implant is a simple and lifelong form of identification. About the size of a grain of rice, this tiny chip is easily injected under the animal’s skin, permanently identifying your pet. Implantation is no more stressful or painful than routine vaccination and can be performed during a normal consultation.

Each microchip is embedded with a unique code. This code, together with your contact details, is held on a nationwide database.

If a microchipped pet is lost veterinary practices, councils and pet rescue organisations can use a microchip scanner to reveal the unique code. With this code they can obtain the owners details from the database and reunite the lost pet with its owners quickly.

For further information or to make an appointment for implantation please contact the clinic.

If you have found a pet, we are happy to scan for a microchip for you.

REMEMBER to update your details on the microchip registry if you have changed address or contact phone numbers.
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