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Puppy Preschool Classes

Give your puppy the best start with Cairns Veterinary Clinic’s Puppy Preschool. Enrolling your pup in puppy preschool is a great way to getting your pup on the right track to becoming a happy and well-adjusted member of the family whilst providing basic obedience and essential early socialisation.

Puppies develop very quickly and are very accepting of new situations and experiences. Between the ages of eight and eighteen weeks of age is a very important development period for dogs and is the best time to introduce your puppy to the world.

Cairns Veterinary Clinic’s Puppy Preschool Program

Our puppy preschool is designed to take advantage of this important learning period in a supervised environment. Run over 4 weeks, our fun and interactive course covers puppy behaviour including common problems such as mouthing and biting, toilet training, general health care, socialisation and basic obedience skills such ‘sit’, ‘drop’, ‘stay’.

Our puppy preschool instructors are qualified and experienced Veterinary Nurses who will support you in raising your pup to be a happy, healthy and well behaved member of the family.

To attend out classes, your pet must be between 8 and 18 weeks of age and its essential that they have had their first vaccination. This ensures all puppies attending the class are protected against infectious diseases.

Our puppy preschool courses begin on the first Wednesday of every month and are held between 6.30pm and 7.30pm. Class sizes are limited and allow us to focus our attention on your puppy. We encourage all the family to attend to ensure consistency with training during this important development period (puppy handlers need to be over 12 years of age).

After graduation from puppy school, we recommend further obedience training, there are varying levels of obedience training available in Cairns, from Beginners Obedience to Competition Obedience. As well as being fun for the family and your pet, the Cairns Regional Council also offers discount registration to dogs that have a level 3 obedience certificate.

For more information about our Puppy Preschool Program, contact us on 4032 9999. We offer 50% off the cost of puppy preschool if your pet has their first (or second) vaccination at our clinics so come and join the Cairns Veterinary Clinic family before enrolling your pet.

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