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Dogs in Cairns

One thing most residents of Cairns are in agreement with is that Cairns is a great place to get out and about. Whether its visiting the northern beaches, swimming holes at Crystal Cascades, walking around the botanical gardens or enjoying the wet tropics heritage areas you can be assured that you will not be disappointed with the natural beauty Cairns has to offer.

However for our canine companions most areas are off limits and it is becoming increasingly harder to find safe, suitable places to allow our dog’s the freedom off leash and the opportunity to play with other doggie friends.

Off leash dog areas, or dog parks, provide owners with a safe and secure area where they can gather to exercise and watch their dogs interact with others.

Benefits of Dog Parks
Do and Don’ts – Dog park Etiquette

The Cairns area has many off leash areas to choose from. To obtain a list of off leash areas available in our local community, visit the cairns regional council website.

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