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Cane Toads

In the Cairns region, Cane toads are a frequent cause of illness in dogs. Cane toads have poison glands in the skin on their back and when mouthed by dogs these glands produce a milky type venom. This poison is extremely toxic and irritating. Affected dogs drool and slobber copious amounts of frothy saliva due to the poison creating a burning sensation in the mouth. Cane toad poisoning can cause excessive salivation, vomiting, shaking, hyperactivity, seizures and death.

First aid treatment involves thoroughly washing the mouth with gentle flowing water to remove as much poison as possible. If the dog starts to develop severe neurological signs such as rigidity, convulsions or difficulty breathing it’s recommended to seek immediate veterinary attention.

If your dog is affected by cane toad poisoning please contact the clinic on 4032 9999

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